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Selected specific publication by PreGGI authors:

Christina Schües (ed.) (2022): Genetic Responsibility in Germany and Israel. Practices of Prenatal Diagnosis, Bielefeld: transcript ( PDF

Nov-Klaiman, Tamar/Frisman, Marina/Raz, Aviad E./Rehmann-Sutter, Christoph (2022): “Views on disability and prenatal testing among families with Down syndrome and disability activists: A comparative analysis of interviews from Germany and Israel.” In: Social Science & Medicine 303, 115021 ( PDF

Nov-Klaiman, Tamar/Raz, Aviad E./Hashiloni-Dolev, Yael (2022): “A test of faith? Attitudes of ultraorthodox Jewish parents of children with down syndrome toward prenatal testing.” In: Disability & Society (

Raz, Aviad E./Nov-Klaiman, Tamar/Hashiloni-Dolev, Yael/Foth, Hannes/Schües, Christina/Rehmann-Sutter, Christoph (2022): “Comparing Germany and Israel regarding debates on policy-making at the beginning of life: PGD, NIPT and their paths of routinization.” In: Ethik in der Medizin 34, pp. 65–80 ( PDF

Foth, Hannes (2021): “Avoiding ‘selection’? – References to history in current German policy debates about non-invasive prenatal testing.” In: Bioethics, 35/6, pp. 518–527 ( PDF

Rehmann-Sutter, Christoph (2021): “Should prenatal screening be seen as ‘selective reproduction’? Four reasons to reframe the ethical debate.” In: Journal of Perinatal Medicine 49/8, pp. 953–958 ( PDF

Schües, Christina (2021): “‘Ein Thier heranzüchten, das versprechen darf’ – Eine paradoxe Aufgabe der pränatalen Diagnostik am Lebensanfang.” In: Olivia Mitscherlich-Schönherr (ed.), Das Gelingen der künstlichen Natürlichkeit: Mensch-Sein an den Grenzen des Lebens mit disruptiven Technologien, Berlin/Boston: de Gruyter, pp. 213–238.

Schües, Christina (2021): “‘Genetische Verantwortung’ – was kann das heißen?” In: Claudia Bozzaro/Orsolya Friedrich (eds.), Philosophie der Medizin, Paderborn: Mentis, pp. 199–216.

Rehmann-Sutter, Christoph/Schües, Christina (2020): “Die NIPT-Entscheidung des G-BA: Eine ethische Analyse.” In: Ethik in der Medizin 32, pp. 385-403 ( PDF

Hashiloni-Dolev, Yael/Nov-Klaiman, Tamar/Raz, Aviad (2019): “Pandora’s pregnancy: NIPT, CMA and genome sequencing – A new era for prenatal genetic testing.” In: Prenatal Diagnosis 39/10, pp. 859–865 ( PDF

Nov-Klaiman, Tamar/Raz, Aviad E./Hashiloni-Dolev, Yael (2019): “Attitudes of Israeli parents of children with Down syndrome toward non‐invasive prenatal testing and the scope of prenatal testing.” In: Journal of Genetic Counseling, 28/6, pp. 1119–1129 ( PDF