Prof. Dr. phil., dipl. biol. Christoph Rehmann-Sutter

Professor for theory and ethics in biosciences


+49 (0)451 3101 3415


-  President of
European Society for Philosophy of Medicine
   and Healthcare ESPMH 2017-2019
Mitglied im Zentrum für Bevölkerungsmedizin und
   Versorgungsforschung der Universität zu Lübeck ZBV
Member of the consortium: The Ethics of Family in Health
   and Social Care Research
-  Cluster of Excellence "Precision Medicine in
   Chronic Inflammation (PMI)", member.

Research interests

-  Hermeneutic philosophical approaches to ethics, interdisciplinary
   and pluriperspective bioethics, with qualitative social research
   and cultural approaches
-  Governance in medicine and biotechnologies, ethics committees
-  Body and life, places and nature
-  Techno-ecological risks
-  Biomedical research ethics
-  Genetics and genomics
-  Reproductive medicine and stem cell research
-  Gene therapy, genetic testing and genome analysis
-  Decision-making at the end of life

@Kerstin Nees
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