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Katharina Schütte

Discourse theoretical analysis in the field of non-invasive prenatal diagnostics.

Since prenatal diagnostics has been accessible to pregnant women as a medical service, this topic has been discussed again and again.

In September 2019, the G-BA (Joint Federal Committee) decided that the non-invasive prenatal test for high-risk pregnancies should be covered by health insurance companies. This expansion of the services already stirred up public debate even before the final decision was made by the G-BA.

My dissertation project analyses this current debate. I will limit myself to the discussion within Germany and to a timeframe starting in spring 2019. The discussion is taking place particularly in politics and the media, therefore I will analyze political statements, e.g. from the G-BA, as well as reports from national, German daily papers and advertisements. The individual texts will be analysed in terms of discourse theory. The methodology of the dissertation is essentially inspired by the methodological approach of R. Keller and K. Braun.

The aim of the work is to present the discourse of media and politics, in order to provide an insight into the society.